! Heads Up !
This website and any subdomains/subfolders linked to this site use JavaScript with the exclusion of any outside libraries (things like jQuery, etc., meaning said JS is in-house.) All JS was gathered from examples and other non-malicious sources, and have been verified by close friends of mine who also support the pursuit Computing Freedom/Libre. Said JS handles things such as audio and delays for clicking on a link for when the audio plays (be sure to allow Autoplay for those to work). All code should be simplistic and easy to read if you understand that kind of thing.
(This "heads up" of sorts was typed into the HTML by myself, and is not an indicator of anything bad. Any assumptions of such have nothing to do with me)

Kyron Saif

Welcome to my Website.

While my site is a work in progress, there are other areas that you are free to visit.


About Me A page that gives a little bit of insight on who I am, what I do, my interests, etc.
Video Outpost Here I intend to post various kinds of videos, spanning from informative, discussion, gaming, etc.
The Resisty Official website for The Resisty, a push/effort to ward pedophiles out of public spheres.
Projects & Productions Here you may find a "repository" of sorts of all my projects and productions. Whether it be a distinct website, wiki, etc.
Associates Subdomains Here you will find a list of subdomains I am hosting for associates.